Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Award categories and titles are subject to change without any notice.

Entries with factually incorrect or misleading information may be deemed invalid.

Every entry form must be attested by a person at the level of Director / CEO / Proprietor.

The entire evaluation will be done by a Jury of respected and credible professionals and stakeholders.

Submitting an entry form does not give any guarantee for the nomination. Nominees will be shortlisted on the basis of performance data as supplied in the entry form.

Jury members are requested to base their evaluation only on information contained in the entry form and not on any other information / perception / judgment, hence please fill in the form carefully and correctly.

Any attempt to canvass for selection could lead to disqualification. Nominees must not contact Jury members or organizers in this regard.

All information in the entry form is mandatory. If any information is not provided, it will directly impact the overall ranking and rating by the Jury.

All nominees specifically agree that by participating in these awards, they are confirming that they will use the authorized and complete description of the award as mentioned on the first page in any public communication related to these awards.

All nominees specifically confirm that the information they submit is accurate and true, and that it may be used for internal research & Industry insights unless otherwise specified.